CRGs Scott Kin Lindblom wins in Swedish 60 Mini debut

CRGs Scott Kin Lindblom wins in Swedish 60 Mini debut

Maptune Event & KH Motorsports Kenneth Hildebrand set up the world’s first karting competition during Covid-19 times at Åsum Ring, Kristianstad 9-10 May.

In the Junior 60 catagory class, internationally known as the 60 Mini, the 2019 MKR series and Sweden Cup champion Scott Kin Lindblom debuted with best possible results.

The 9 year old Scott, who competes for CRG’s factory team in the Italian WSK series, finished second after Ward Racing’s prototege Leo Nilsson and third WestSpeed’s Elliot Kaczynski.

In the heats 1-4 constant close racing and changing positions between Scott and Leo, both drivers took 2 wins and 2 seconds places. In the Final they are back on the front row where Scott manages to pull off the field and win in his 60 Mini debut in Sweden in his CRG Black Mirror and put tyhye brand on the Swedish market again.

What do you say about this class debut Scott?

– Amazingly, it was close racing from the first test day, through the heats and finally getting the win in the final was great, super fun.

The event in Corona times, how was it?

– We had to keep a distance of 2,5 meters and have mouthguards, it was ok, a bit strange but also a little fun, we looked nice, on the grid we had a helmet and visor, so it was as usual.