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Tony kart racer 401s: advanced technology within everyone’s reach0%


CIK-FIA 2014-2020

The first homologation of the Tony Kart Racer dates back to 2008. Renewed in 2014, it’s valid until 2020.


The chassis is suitable for both non-shifter and shifter engines. The one analysed (and photographed) in this article is the non-shifter version


Tubes of 30 and 32 mm are generally used, either of equal measure or mixing and matching. The Racer 401S has all 30-mm tubes


There are two “schools of thought”: manual or automated. OTK subscribes to the latter, welding with robots


The OTK Group’s chassis have accessories in magnesium

Automated welding; accessories forged and machined from a solid; quality control in every detail, use of cutting-edge technology ... On these foundations the Tony Kart Racer 401S was built, developed thanks to experience accumulated on the principal circuits around the world and during the Italian manufacturer’s long history.

The Tony Kart Racer 401S represents the most advanced evolution of the multiple-championship-winning Racer model. While not a new homologation (it expires in 2020), the chassis is constantly updated through continuous research and development. The main goal of technicians for the Racer 401S was to focus on the maximum possible lightness of the chassis and, at the same time, optimize weight distribution, intervening on the accessories, refining the craftsmanship, and using high-quality materials that can maintain optimal mechanical characteristics in a smaller size.

The chassis is composed of tubes 30 mm in diameter that are robot-welded. Automated welding is a process in which Tony kart has made significant investments, making it possible to raise the qualitative level of all the chassis produced. In each Tony Kart chassis, the welding phase is followed by some other important processes, such as microballeting using steel balls, which are not used to vary the mechanical properties of the material, but are performed in order to smooth the welds on the chassis.


    The pedal supports allow for quick adjustments. Interesting is the welding of the support connection on the main tube, demonstrating how at Tony Kart they’ve aimed for a maximum reduction of welded parts, even working with secondary tubes of small diameter

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    Forged axle bearing cases. There’s also an optional offset flange either to reduce or increase the wheel base by 5 or 10 mm

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    The welds of the secondary parts of the chassis were kept as close as possible to the bottom of the chassis. The choice to keep everything low aims to reduce the possibility of problems, even minimal ones, associated with vertically-developing welds

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    Two removable bars can be installed on the Racer 401S, one front and one rear. For a standard setup the manufacturer suggests attaching only the front one

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    Mono-block, direct double-piston master cylinder for both OK and KZ categories. A solution to increase safety by guaranteeing braking even in case of breakdowns

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    Other parts of the kart that may seem secondary as well, such as the axial bearing cassettes and the triangular steering column support, are actually the result of in-depth studies.
    Between the non-shifter version of the Tony Kart 401S analysed in this article and the KZ type, there’s a difference in the height of the bearing flanges, which is higher on the chassis destined for the shifter categories. That makes it possible to attach six screws to increase the kart’s traction. Vice versa, if you’re looking for greater grip entering turns, you can remove one or two screws, thus reducing rear rigidity.The production procedure for the C-sections of the stub axle is also precise and detailed, beginning with a laser-cut sheet: once the preliminary hole for the kingpin has been made, the C-sections are pressed and then processed via CNC. This processing occurs in a single phase to guarantee the piece’s perfect concentricity. Subsequently, the small M3 holes are created for regulating the geometries.

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