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Under Review | T4-c1. the ideal kart for everyone signed by tillotson

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225 cc

The engine has a 225cc displacement


The chassis is specifically designed for the 225RS engine, manufactured by Tillotson.


The T4-C1 chassis has tubes of 30mm diameter reinforced for durability.


Two “big families” of kart engines: single-speed and geared. The T4-C1 is single speed


The 225RS engine by Tillotson has a pull starter.

Racing? Too demanding. Rental? Low performance. It is not uncommon for a motorsport enthusiast to find himself in a “middle ground” position where he is not so motivated by the commitment required for managing a racing Kart and, at the same time, not sufficiently stimulated by the classic rental karts. The solution would be a kart with high performance, which is fun to drive with extremely low maintenance required. Tillotson, a company known for the excellent manufacturing of diaphragm carburetors, responded to the challenge with the T4 Series. Let us discover it!

The starting point was exactly the one expressed above, filling that void which notoriously divides the kart rental industry from the racing one. A gap that presents the main differences in the costs and performance of the vehicles. It is precisely on these two aspects that Tillotson’s technicians focused their proposal, choosing to mount on a racing chassis a 4-stroke engine, which features a lightweight package with a superior performance to the engines generally used for rental karts. The development aimed at preserving all the positive aspects of driving a racing kart while refining the weight distribution as much as possible. This led to locating the optimal position of the engine in relation to the seat necessary to improving the balance of the vehicle without effecting the central driving position.


    The T4-C1 chassis is fitted with aluminum rims as a standard option.

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    Like all accessories mounted on the kart, the steering wheel features the Tillotson brand.

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    The steering column support is in a casing, a solution that allows you to increase the chassis rigidity

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    The pedals are intentionally simple in design to keep costs down. However, they have different adjustment options to adapt to the driving position of the drivers.

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    The chassis height from the ground can be modified both at the rear and front.

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    While maintaining a classic design at first glance, the chassis has been revised to increase its effortless drivability on the track, aiming to obtain this through a standard setup configuration. Given the type of engine, the technicians worked on eliminating the issues due to the excessive traction provided by the chassis, which would have ended up dissipating the power when exiting corners.
    The chassis features of 30 mm diameter tubes along with a reinforced design for durability. This option allows to increase resistance to excessive stresses and, therefore, the life of the frame.

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