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Dr30-s10: the updated daniel ricciardo chassis for direct drive karts0%


CIK-FIA 2015 – 2020

The homologation of the DR30-S10 frame is from 2015 and is valid for 6 years, until 2020.


The chassi is approved for all categories. In particular, the configuration for the OK and OKJ classes is analyzed in the article.


Generally, 30-mm and 32-mm tubes are used, some are the same diameter and others are mixed diameters. The tubes in the DR30-S10 all have a diameter of 30 mm


Two “schools of thought”: handmade or robotics. BireART welds are done in a fully automated mode


For the OTK Group chassis, standard components are made of aluminium

The new Ricciardo Kart for the 2019 season, in its 30 mm version indicated more for the single-speed classes is called DR30-S10. The number 30 is a clear reference to the diameter of the tubes used, while the S10 abbreviation is the one which distinguishes the last evolution of the frame produced by Birel ART. An evolution based on the homologation of the DR 01 dated 2015 and expiring in 2020 which presents quite a few interesting innovations.

DR30-S10 is the code name presenting the new version of the kart branded Daniel Ricciardo and produced by Birel ART, the historical Italian company that in 2019 celebrated its 60 years of activity. As mentioned, this is not a new homologation chassis, yet this does not mean that the technicians’ work was less intense, starting from the materials used for the frame tubes, a subject of continuous studies and variations which tangibly demonstrates the critical importance that absolutely improves the chassis performance.
Going back to the tubes, the use of the blue color is immediately evident from the perspective of the aesthetics and overall look of the Kart. A color introduced in 2018 to replace the beautiful, yet difficult to maintain, white coloring.
There are several changes regarding the front of the kart. First of all, the pedal placement has changed, as the fastening attachments of the front bumper has been shortened by 30 mm. According to the technicians of Birel ART, this has allowed the success of a chassis that has greater flexibility in the front, which benefits and improves drivability.


    The new removable bar with spherical plain bearings, or uniballs, allows a more gradual torsion of the chassis.

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    The Ricciardo Kart steering wheel in the 2019 version.

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    The brake system is the reliable FL-01 model version.

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    This new and very useful modification, the double fastening of the geometry’s adjustment ring nut on the chassis “C”, allows for a more precise and secure layout.

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    Another important change concerns the support of the steering column whose two tubes have their end parts joined to form a single body which increases the rigidity of the chassis. There is also is a fantastic, easy to use system, which makes the adjustment of the steering wheel height very quick and easy by unscrewing only one screw (in most chassis the operation requires much more time). Finally, the large steering wheel adjuster system makes it possible to find the optimal driving position for drivers of all heights. Still at the front, we find a modification that concerns the Cs geometry’s adjustment with the bushings which now have a double fastening screw that guarantee of keeping the perfect position when the camber is increased.

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