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Under Review | Cry30 s12, the 2021 birel art kz chassis

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CIK-FIA 2015 – 2021

The approval of the CRY30-S12 chassis dates back to 2015 and it remains in force for 7 years, until 2021

KZ - KZ2

The chassis is approved for all classes. This article analyses, in particular, the KZ class configuration


30 and 32 mm tubes are normally used. Either all the same, or a mix. All the tubes of the CRY30 are 30 mm


There are two “schools of thought”: manual or automated. Birel ART, the manufacturer of the chassis; welding using a robot


Standard aluminium accessories. Upon request, they are also made of magnesium

For the 2021 evolution of its flagship chassis for the Shifter categories, the Lissone-based company introduces new accessories designed to optimize the kart’s performance and improvements relating to the driving position. The design of the frame is confirmed, competitive in all grip conditions. Let us discover in detail the new features of the Birel ART CRY30 S12.

With the initials S12, Birel ART identifies the new 2021 chassis series where the homologation, previously expiring in 2020, has been extended until the end of 2021. This extension has been decided by the International Karting Commission to help manufacturers during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The homologation of the S12 model (2021) is the same as the Birel ART CRY30 S10 (2019) chassis, protagonist of this article dated June 2019. Between the two versions, we have the S11 model (2020) which differs from the previous S10 for the double fastening screw on the C geometry adjustment ring nut.

The 2021 new features of the Birel ART S12 are several and mainly concern the accessories. However, there are some basic characteristics of the S12 model which are common to some predecessors which have not changed and which are worth talking about. We are referring to the production process of the frame and, above all, to the primary element of the frame, which is the tubes.

From the 2018 S9 model, the type of tubes used to manufacture the frames has never changed. A choice that indicates that Birel ART has found the right raw material with which to build its chassis.

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