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How To | 5 essential things you should know about kart engine oil

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Most karts are powered by two-stroke engines, which don't run on "unleaded" gas from regular road-side stations, but on "fuel blend". As the name implies, this means a blend of gasoline and... oil. Now why is this? Well, two-stroke engines don't have a lubrication circuit, therfore oil is added directly to the combustion chamber, so it may lubricate all moving engine components before burning out. Therefore, the use of oil is fundamental for a kart and, consequently it is essential to to have basic knowledge about the products: basic information and a few practical tips can only help all kart drivers to chose the best oil for their engines and use it properly.


As we have said, oil is an essential element for the functioning of a kart.
Engine oil plays a key role in karting and technological innovation has made things simpler over the years. Today's engines, in fact, require less oil per liter of blend than those on the market several years ago. And the composition of oils has become more and more refined. Modern products are composed by either a hydrocarbon or a chemical base (in the first case they are derived from petroleum) and special additives that distinguish the final product by use, properties, capacity to cleanse the inside of the cylinder and viscosity, which means "resistance to flow" (oil is more viscous than water, it flows more slowly).


The basic question when chosing what oil to use is: synthetic or mineral? Generally speaking, synthetic oils do a better job at lubricating the engine's internal components, like main bearings and con rod bearings, and leave less deposit on pistons and their segments. The down side is they are less effective at high rpm ranges and can occasionally reserve a nasty “surprise” (seizure) if they are not blended to fuel in the correct amount.

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