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First Analysis | Viper, the rental kart by tony kart

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In its first project specifically dedicated to the kart Rental category, OTK Kart Group has focused on the pleasure of driving, safety and performance. There are several solution designed to adapt the kart to the driver and make it safe in case of collisions. The low weight of the chassis enhances the performance on the track, while particular attention has been paid to simplifying the management and maintenance operations of the vehicle

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A rental kart with a racing drive. This was the goal set by OTK Kart Group in the manufacturing of its first vehicle for rental. To achieve the result, the company worked on lightness and manageability, two aspects closely linked to each other. The containment of the weight, in fact, allows greater performance of the vehicle with equal power and a more reactive and precise kart in setting the curve.
The Tony Kart Viper is equipped with Honda 270 e 390 cc engines, while an electric powered version is under development. For each engine it is possible to choose the type of transmission between belt or chain drive, depending on the needs of the track. A belt drive is usually installed on an indoor track, while the chain version is mounted in karts intended for outdoor tracks.
As for the possibility of adjusting the chassis setup, the path taken for the Tony Kart Viper is towards simplicity as in most rental karts. There are no systems to vary the front geometry and the height of the chassis, nor can the wheelbase be changed or torsion bars be mounted. All this to avoid creating confusion for the track staff during the maintenance of the vehicle. The basic setup of the manufacturer allows the kart to adapt better both on indoor and outdoor tracks.
As an option, it is possible to request the weights support box designed to standardize the performance of the kart based on the weight of the driver. The space was obtained on the left fairing of the kart. Another interesting optional concerns the remote control of the kart by the track manager who can intervene in case of danger by slowing down or stopping the kart at any time.


The Tony Kart Viper is equipped along the entire perimeter with a protective band made of black Polyzene (also called Polyethylene), a material which allows the kart to slide against the track barriers in the event of collisions.
At the front there is a polyurethane shock absorber placed inside the fairing under a removable cover. This “cushion”, which has the task of absorbing the energy generated in the event of an impact, is easy to manage. In fact, it does not require any maintenance given the protective treatment which makes it virtually resistant to external agents.
At the rear, any impacts are cushioned by the perimeter fairing which is installed on Polyzene supports with a deformable structure and with a specific shape to absorb shocks.

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