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Editorial | Jenson button. kart racing with the style of a true gentleman

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9th July 1995. The young English driver Jenson Button, who has already stepped into the limelight by winning many races in his own country, got in pole position for a decisive race in the European Formula Super A Championship. A remarkable result, achieved by beating many experienced pilots.

When Button was on the track of St. Amand, in France, Toshiya Kawahara, an engineer of the manufacturer Tecno was also there, in his first race alongside the young talent he was to follow in the following years in karting.

"It was the last race of the ICA European Championship," Toshiya told us. Button made the best time during the qualifiers, showing his full potential. However, while racing, his Bridgestone tyres penalized him and the final result was quite different ". In that year, it was Frenchman Arnaud Leconte, Button’s teammate, who came first, becoming European Champion. Two years later, however, was the time for revenge: Button, always supported by Toshiya throughout the season, proved to have the quality of a champion and became the youngest driver to win the European Formula Super A title. Even though there were difficulties, as Toshiya remembers: "At the beginning of the year, he was always fast on Saturdays, but he always got behind on Sundays... We understood that the problem was the carburetion: to be safe and not to take any risks, Jenson would open the carburetion. So, fully aware of what he was doing, we closed the carburetor and solved the problem". Just to show how the English driver was very cautious as a young man. "He was certainly never an aggressive pilot, but more than prudent I prefer to call him a gentleman, who would also overtake cleanly, without touching other karts ... in short, In perfect English style". A style that led Button, the following year, to make his debut in a single-seater Formula Ford and, in 1999, to pass to the F3. Then, 2000 saw his debut in Formula 1 with Williams and, in 2009, the world title. Always with the same air of a gentleman air he displayed when he was racing karts.

An English driver born in 1980, he started driving karts at 8 years of age, winning many races. IN 1997 he was the youngest driver to win the Formula Super A European title. 12 years later he became F1 world champion with Brawn GP

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