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Sauro cesetti: beating schumacher on his home ground. in a world championship race0%


Sauro Cesetti. A name like any other for those who are not karting fans. A name that during roll calls, at school, could become Cesettisauro, and maybe they would tell him that they saw him in Jurrassic Park, right there, near the T-Rex.

Then, one day, you could find this name in sports newspapers, on television news, put there by the media all over the world. Did he win the New Year's lottery? Did he become a front page serial killer?

None of the above, Sauro Cesetti just went to Kerpen, for the last of the 5 events of the 2001 World Championship, where he won a karting race. Like other times, for him, a professional driver. Like no other though, because, this time, the race was being held on Michael Schumacher's home ground; together with Michael Schumacher, who had recently become the Formula 1 World Champion for the fourth time. However, "Cesettisauro", a fearless kart driver, started his race, accelerated, got on the inside and flew towards the finish line, as fast as a velociraptor, forgetting who he was leaving behind him. First place. In front of the champion. On the champion's home ground. "When I overtook him - he said - it was a normal overtaking for me. I was there for the World Cup and these great champions never impressed me. Also because Schumacher is a real gentleman: all weekend he was asking us for advice, he helped the mechanics mount his tyres, working hard without leaving anything to chance ”. Almost like Sauro Cesetti, who one day, with a steering wheel in his hand, beat Schumi on his home ground. As if it was a normal thing to do.

A driver born in 1975, he was one of the great protagonists of karting between the 1990s and 2000s. He ran for about 25 seasons, winning on numerous occasions. The 2008 WSK International Series, 2 Winter Cups and 3 Andrea Margutti Trophies stand out in his record of achievements

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