Rok Cup 2020 regulations

The 2020 Rok Cup Regulations are now official. The previews of the sporting regulation, with the ROK CUP ITALIA championship scheduled in 9 rounds and the new race format are confirmed. Concerning the Technical Regulation, the rules are steady and the technical fiches format has now been simplified. Everything is aimed at making the checks more effective with the possibility to make deeper checks directly by the Manufacturer’s seat.

2020 Rok Cup Technical regulations. Vortex technicians did an important work to obtain a double target: easiness and effectiveness.
Even though being the same for the most contents, regulations have been completely revised in order to be easier in reading and the checks more effective and prompter.
In art. 8.3 (“Technical checks”) of the Regulation a very important paragraph has been introduced, giving the Race Stewards the possibility to carry out a more detailed analysis in the engine components check directly by the Manufacturer (Vortex).
With this opportunity, Race Stewards will be able to send parts to Vortex directly, in order to be checked in detail in the company with the help of sophisticated tools. Everything will be done according to the ACI-Race Stewards instructions and into the presence of the Technical Delegate and the entrant. This is something making the 2020 Rok regulation very effective and precise.
Among the few 2020 technical news, there is the compulsory introduction of the “OTK” marked reed petals in the Rok Gp, Rok GP Junior and Shifter Rok engines.
Moreover for all Rok Cup categories the lubricant to be used (mandatory) for the fuel mixture is ENI KART 2T.

Concerning the Sporting Regulation, all the previews already announced in the past weeks are confirmed.
The ROK CUP ITALIA has a new race format, with 2 races for each round and new points system compared to the past seasons. 3 rounds of the ROK CUP ITALY will be held together with the ACI CSAI Championship.
The ROK CUP SUD and ROK CUP SICILIA will consist in 6 rounds each and maintain their traditional race format.

 Regolamento Tecnico / Technical regulations
 Regolamento Sportivo / Sporting Regulation
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