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IRON LYNX presents itself in the international motoring scenario. Headquartered in Cesena, it offers the widest range of services focused on the driver and the automotive product: Pilot Academy, Exclusive Events and Incentives Agency, Club Gentleman Drivers, Storage Garage to store, maintain and manage the top car, Testing & Support for development of Automotive products, Pilots management, Training center for mechanics and racing engineers. Thanks to the obsessive attention to detail and the deep knowledge of this extraordinary sector, we are able to guide promising young drivers and gentlemen drivers towards maximum performance and emotions.

A specialized support for motorsport professionals; a range of specific advice for automotive players; services tailored to specific needs. If you are an active part in racing, if you aim at the most important circuits in the world, if you want to improve the performance of a driver for professional purposes but also to give value to your passion, if you think big, we are waiting for you. Obsessed with performance, our goal is to transmit high-level know-how to you that you drive today and that you will drive tomorrow.

Andrea and Sergio have a long experience in the motorsport world both as pilots and as instructors and coaches.
Sergio made his debut in racing in the mid-’80s and has established itself in both the European Championships and Italians. He won 6 Italian Rally trophies before moving on to the track at the wheel of both the Ferrari 458 GT3 and the Ferrari 488 GT3 with which he won the 12h in Abu Dhabi. He started working as an instructor at the beginning of the 90s, first in the rallies and then in the safe and sporty driving courses. For over 15 years he has been a point of reference for the Ferrari, Maserati and Alfa Romeo Official School, dedicating himself in particular to the management of events all over the world for Philip Morris and Ferrari.

Andrea made his debut in the competitions in 1995 and after a career in single-seater that saw him arrive to be test driver of the Minardi F1 in 2001 he moved to the Gran Turismo cars and raced as an official driver for Aston Martin, Maserati, Audi and BMW, passing for private teams Ferrari, Corvette, Lamborghini and winning a GT1 World Championship and Spa 24h. He worked (and still works today) for almost 20 years as a federal instructor, growing a large part of the young Italian drivers who came close to competitions cars from 1998 to today. For over 12 years he has been Director of the Official Ferrari and Maserati Courses, gathering in the meantime numerous collaborative experiences with important partners such as Philip Morris and Shell and in the development of tires (Pirelli) and racing cars.


LYNX ATTITUDE PROJECT (L.A.P.) is the program of the newborn IRON LYNX to support the career of young drivers who are particularly deserving. The goal of the project is to identify a pilot to be supported with a substantial financial support for the upcoming Italian F.4 Championship and, no less importantly, to support him in the 360 ​​degree preparation towards the automotive professionalism.

Between the end of February and the beginning of April will take place on the Adria track (International Adria Raceway), 2 Courses for 3 days each, during which each young rider will drive 250 km driving a powered by Abarth TatuusF.4, followed closely by his coach , with the support of a dedicated instructor for telemetry and video analysis. The track will be exclusive and each driver will have the same number of tire sets available.

The first of the three days will take place at the Cesena site and will be dedicated to simulator sessions with the support of a technician and a coach, to seminars on the technique of the car held by engineers, to theory sessions on driving technique with pilots / instructors, at a seminar with a mentalcoache at the athletic evaluations in the center of Fabrizio Borra (Fernando Alonso’s trainer).
The days will already have a great value for each participant for the purpose of its sports growth and will allow the boys to compare, analyze and improve their performance in view of the sports commitments of the season.

The cost of participation for each student is € 5,480 + VAT, inclusive of food and accommodation.
The most deserving rider, chosen by the instructors of IRON LYNX, will win:  a sponsorship of € 50,000 to invest in the Italian championship of F.4 2018 (participation in all the competitions is mandatory);  the support of an IronLynxin coach for all the races of the Italian F.4 2018 Championship;  7 collective days of preparation for the simulator, at the Cesena site, one before each competition.
Two other deserving drivers will be selected to take part in the 7 group days of preparation for the simulator.

The neonata Academy which is headed by ANDREA PICCINI and SERGIO PIANEZZOLA, begins in the best way its presence in International Motorsport: supporting the champions of the future with their precious resources! IRON LYNX will take care of many other aspects related to Motorsport that will be managed in the beautiful headquarters in Cesena where, in a workshop of the latest generation, there are already a dozen cars between GT and F4, a simulator room with telemetry and everything that is expected from an Academy that was born already designed to be a point international reference. Source: LAP (Linx Attitude Project).

Fonte: L.A.P. (Linx Attitude Project).