Lennox Racing-Charles Leclerc, the line-up is now official: Matteo Viganò among the list

Lennox Racing-Charles Leclerc, the line-up is now official: Matteo Viganò among the list

It was the news with which the world of karting greeted 2019 and the talk of town during off-season: Charles Leclerc karts , the brand created by the Ferrari driver and made in Lissone by BirelART, and Lennox Racing Team, the outfit with which Jordon Lennox-Lamb started his career as a team manager, would join forces starting 2020. The only thing that was missing was the drivers line-up which, finally, has just been made official: the list is made up of 11 names, split into three categories.

Among those, however, the signing that has aroused most interest is certainly that of Matteo Viganò who will race in KZ / KZ2. The Italian, after having been among the front runners of the last season and who in his palmares boasts an International Super Cup won 2018, is therefore bound to become the leading driver of the team led by Jordon Lennox-Lamb and is preparing to live up to high expectations, both in terms of results and development. Three other drivers will race alongside him in shifter classes: the two Swedes Benjamin Tornqvist and Viktor Gustavsson and the American Michael Stevens.

As far as the OK class is concerned, Lennox Racing will team up again wit Jamie Day, the UAE driver who has already raced under the guidance of the Englishman in OKJ. Jamie Day, however, will not be the only one to step up among the seniors within the team based in Lonato (BS), which will also oversee the debut in this class of the Russian Roman Sharapov and the English Oliver Gray, another experienced driver who has been racing mainly in X30.

At the wheel of the new Charles Leclerc karts in OK-Junior, on the other hand, there will be both drivers who have already raced in this class, such as the Swedish Wilmer Wallenstam and the Portuguese Ivan Domingues and rookies such as the Russians Platon Kostin and Vladimir Verholansev.

The newly-born Lennox Racing / Charles Leclerc duo, then, looks set for an important commitment for the coming season. The first track’s verdict is closing in, on January 24, at the Adria Karting Raceway, on occasion of the WSK Champions Cup.