Jesolo with the top teams

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Jesolo 28/03/2018

Great news at JESOLO in this 2018, where the Venetian company, has prepared a program of all respect, in international competitions.

The participation in the World Championship and European Championship, in the premier class, the kz1 with two drivers, the German Mario Ljubic, and the Italian Massimo Mazzali who will also take part in the 5 races of the Italian aci-csai Championship, is confirmed.

After a long winter, dedicated to the preparation of materials, the decision was made to start the new sports adventure with the JESOLO 2018 license

A great help for this important return, we are provided by the FONTANA INFISSI Group and MORO srl

Two companies that have always believed in the Venetian company, and who see the realization of their dream, to be partners in an international adventure.

Regarding the engine, TM RACING has confirmed its support, in the person of CLAUDIO FLENGHI, while for the tires will be used those established by the regulations in force ..

“I’m proud and confident for this return, in international competitions” are the first words expressed by the patron of the Venetian house Gian Luca Giacchetto. “After dedicating the last few years to reorganizing the company, the time has come back to dedicate itself to competitions, knowing that it will take a lot of humility and sacrifice”

“We will go to collide with the giants of world karting, but aware of being prepared to do so.

It has been a long delivery, this for us, but with the support of the whole team and of our sponsors we will know well in the competitions ”

Appointment therefore for the first outing, the European kz1 championship in France to be held on the Salbris track, one of the most famous French circuits.