Great activity on the second day of the 6th Kart Summer Camp of the ACI Sport Federal School in Adria

Great activity on the second day of the 6th Kart Summer Camp of the ACI Sport Federal School in Adria

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The Kart Summer Camp organized by the ACI Sport Federal School on the Adria Karting Raceway Circuit continued with commitment and a lot of activity for the students present in this 6th course which sees the participation of 21 young drivers divided into two age groups 6-8 years with Rok Kid karts and 9-10 years with Rok Mini karts.

The second day of the course
Followed assiduously by the director of the ACI Sport Federal School Raffaele Giammaria and by the instructors Gabriele Lancieri, Enrico Toccacelo and Stefano Tredicine, on the second day of the course on Wednesday 17 July the young kart drivers engaged in a series of intense tests on the track, but also on the benches in the classroom briefing for the theoretical part with the pedagogist Glenda Cappello and with Lucio Tonello regarding the regulations. The exercises on the track included the slalom, the time trial braking, the trajectories with reference to the pins, the passage on a wet hairpin with consequent counter-steering, the start procedure of turn-based race and the timed session. To coordinate the passages of the young drivers on the track also Andrea Filaferro, protagonist of the Italian ACI Karting Championship in the 60 Mini, in his turn a few years ago a brilliant student of the Kart Summer Camp course.

Comment by Gabriele Lancieri, Federal School instructor and GT driver

Here is the comment by Gabriele Lancieri, instructor of the ACI Sport Federal School and Gran Turismo pilot: “The organization is perfect, as well as technical assistance from OTK and their vehicles that have not suffered any problems. We are trying to make these 21 participants of the course grow competitive, from the technical-competitive point of view but also on the knowledge of the regulations. The format is excellent, every year we are able to improve small details to always work at their best. In the first two days we did many exercises on the track and an adequate preparation with the timed sessions and the race simulation that we will have especially tomorrow. Also this year the course is starting to be a great success, and I believe that this experience can only grow further until we can count on the support of OTK that provides Tony Kart frames with the two dedicated Kid and Mini models to each student, in addition to the important support of the ACI Sport Federal School directed by Raffaele Giammaria and of the secretariat with Alessandro Apostoli who also did an excellent job this year.

Thursday third and final day of the Kart Summer Camp 2019

The course will end with the last day of Thursday 18 July dedicated to the race simulation and with the presentation of the certificates of participation to all the children of the Kart Summer Camp 2019. The certificates are valid to be entitled to the Licenses for the competition, of Grade F for Entry Level and Grade D for Mini.

In the pictures: 1) Some children on the Adria track at the Kart Summer Camp 2019; 2) Gabriele Lancieri at the helm of the two-seater “safety kart” paired with Andrea Filaferro with the task to precede the children with their karts on the track; 3) A group of pilots about to face a course test.