FFSA Karting: tough conditions at Salbris

FFSA Karting: tough conditions at Salbris

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Nearly 1500 meters long, the Salbris route is one of the big names in the history of karting. Last year he received the first round of the FIA ​​Karting KZ and KZ2 European Championship and the FIA ​​Karting Academy Trophy. The rain made it difficult for the drivers and the teams on Saturday and Sunday morning before the welcome return of the sun for the last finals and the podiums in the afternoon.

The Julie Tonelli Foundation for Childhood has been supporting the FFSA for many years by supporting competition karting in France. She participates in the decoration of the track and provides the cups to the first three in each category and also makes a point of honor to highlight the pilots sporting the famous pink butterfly, in margin of its main action in favor of associations supporting children in trouble around the world.

National: Masson wins ahead of Maguet
Sacha Maguet had a good meeting, starting with the pole position among the 90 entries. Winner of the Coupe de France, Dylan Léger took the lead in the heats, but Esteban Masson was gradually gaining second place in the final 1 and won in the final 2. He was the strongest in all three races and won the title of French National Champion with two points ahead of Maguet, Léger joining them on the podium. Noam Abramczyk has managed a nice recovery since his 20th time. Twice eighth in the first finals, he finished in 4th position of the last race and the Championship. Lukas Papin returned to the top 10 in final 1 and was 6th in final 2 before losing ground in the final, partly because of a penalty. He was 11th.

Despite a distant 49th time, Leo Poncel was not discouraged and progressed in the finals to reach the 13th rank of the Championship. Louis Pelet was one of the most successful drivers of the weekend. Second fastest and 4th after the heats, he also finished 4th in the final 1 before being disqualified from the final 2 because of a prohibited manipulation in the parc fermé. He came back 7th in the final 3 and finally finished 14th. Delayed in the heats with his 42nd place in the clock, Maxime Marion was back in the finals. 11th of the race 2, he lost places because of a spoiler unhooked in the last one. Guilhem Crespin had a good run in the top 5 until he was dropped midway through the final 1. He managed to take 22 places in the final 2 and finished 8th in the final 3. Mathys Jaubert made his way up the 30th in 9th place in the heats, but a difficult first round in the final 2 made him down to 18th in the Championship. In difficulties in the first two finals, Mattias Joseph made a superb return to the top 10 of the final 3 by regaining 25 places. The 68th fastest time, Julian Bodet Colaroff managed to reach 30th position in the final standings. Artus Lacroix deserved better than the 31st in the Championship. He suffered an unfair blow in his second run, then did not complete a lap in the final 1. He achieved his best performance by returning 18th in the final 2 (+18).

Jules Roussel encountered difficulties at the beginning of the meeting and was unable to qualify. However, he was on the podium of the Coupe de la Ligue. Mathilde Habrant fought in the peloton to regain 16 places during the heats and finish as the best female in the event.

Petit dominates in KZ2
The poleman Hubert Petit gave the orders of the Championship of France KZ2 to Pierre Loubère in the heats, but obtained two great victories in the final before ensuring the title in 4th position of the last one. Arthur Carbonnel was back in the heats from 20th to 6th. 3rd in the final 1, he won the final 3 and took the 2nd place in front of Loubère. Nathan Hédouin downgraded in the heats with a spoiler penalty, but showed his advantage in the finals with a 3rd place finish in the last race which made him go back to 5th place in the Championship. 34th at the end of the heats Enzo Rouxel gained ground in the finals and finally finished 24th. Pierre Bourgeois was 16th in the heats and 15th in the final 1 before having to retire in the final 2.

KZ2 Master: Three final wins for Fiault
Yoann Sanchez was the fastest time in the French KZ2 Master Championship, but Charles Fiault made the difference by winning the three finals with great ease to cap the 30-year-old crown ahead of Sanchez. Not very well, Paul David was two top 3 in the last finals and was on the 3rd step of the Championship. After his second time, Julien Jehanne was formidable in the 3rd place of the first two finals. Unfortunately he had to give up in the final 3 and dropped to seventh place in the Championship. Author of a solid run in the top 5 of the heats, Vincent Fallet gave up at 4 laps of the finish of the final 2.

Berteaux wins in KZ2 Gentleman
On his lands, however, Marc Berteaux did not have the easy task to conquer a new KZ2 Gentleman Championship title. 5th after the heats, he won the finals 1 and 2 and was 4th in the last. 3rd at the end of the heats, Bruno Bénabent suffered in the final 1 before taking the 2nd place in the final 1 and winning the last race for a 2nd place in the standings ahead Erick Preuvost, 2nd in the final 1. Thierry Barrey was classified 9th in the Championship after having experienced various fortunes in the heats. Alex Weiss ensured a regular course whatever the conditions to reach the 11th rank of the competition before Diogo Teixeira, 9th in the chrono as in the last final.