VIP test: Daniel Ricciardo

VIP test: Daniel Ricciardo

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A day on track with the Red Bull F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and the kart made by Birel ART that bears his name.

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[dropcap]R[/dropcap]elaxed, smiling…happy.
This is how Daniel Ricciardo arrived on track in Castelletto di Branduzzo, where he stepped out of his usual Red Bull suit and slipped into the Ricciardo Kart uniform.
Daniel Ricciardo also talks about his early racing days, what it felt like to be on track, and the unexpected road that karting set him on…(keep reading on the “VIP TEST” TKART Magazine channel)

1.Can you tell us about your karting career?

2. What was your kart driving style like?
3. Was your life dream always F1?

4. What’s your advice for young drivers?
5. How does it feel like to drive a kart today?

6. In a nutshell, what is karting for you?
(keep reading on the “VIP TEST” TKART Magazine channel)

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