CKR: instructive weekend for our Racing Team

CKR: instructive weekend for our Racing Team

Very proud of Justin Van Der Schaft who has for the first time faced a race of this level, putting himself to the test with 70 experienced KZ2 drivers.

All of our team’s effort made Justin very motivated demonstrating continuous improvement day after day even in the repechage of Sunday, maintaining a pace of 46.4,  2 tenths from the best time.

Excellent premise for Justin!

We look forward to see him in action at the European and World Championship together with his team-mate Francesco Comanducci, who will also be present at the Italian Championship.

A very eventful race for our X30 driver, Gianmarco Levorato who despite of a technical problem during qualifying raced an impelling repechage passing to the Final.

Final was compromised due to a racing contact in the first lap.

We look ahead into the next race!!!