A message from Emanuele Pirro – President of the ACI Karting Commission

A message from Emanuele Pirro – President of the ACI Karting Commission

Here is the message from Emanuele Pirro, President of the ACI Karting Commission, on the conditions for a rapid reopening of sporting activity following the latest DPCM and the work carried out by the Federation in these days still affected by the current health emergency in Italy.

Dear karting friends, it is exactly in difficult circumstances that we must show our best qualities as sportsmen and show that we have something extra!

Despite the great uncertainty and the ever-changing situation, the Karting Commission, in agreement with the leaders of ACI Sport, has worked and is working to be able to reopen the activities related to the world of kart as soon as possible, both for training activities and for competitions.

Every circuits is classified with an ATECO code 93 and in the latest DPCM the reopening of the companies identified by that code is prohibited. The Federation is pressing for the DPCM to be modified and allow the restarting of sporting activities on the circuits. In this regard, a protocol has been drawn up which provides for and codifies respect for social distances at all times of the competitions to ensure that each event is held safely for all participants, while ensuring, however, full compliance with the rules. Needless to say, not only our safety and that of this close to us depends on the loyal respect of these rules, but also the future of our beloved sport.

Furthermore, in agreement with the organizers of the Italian Championship races, WSK Promotion and the CIK FIA races, a project for a new calendar for the ACI Karting Italian Championship races was conceived which, once defined, will be sent to approval to the Sports Council. We are close to all those who have suffered and are suffering and we are trying to do our best to ensure a restart as quickly as possible.

With sporting friendship,
Emanuele Pirro