WSK Super Master Series, Lonato – MINI Final: Skulanov again

Gerasim Skulanov surprises Rashid Al Dhaheri who precedes Dmitry Matveev on the podium. The Russian stands 83 points behind Skulanov in the championship

Gerasim Skulanov (Formula K Serafini – IPK – TM Racing)


  • Gerasim Skulanov wins the second consecutive final of the WSK Super Master Series and increases his championship lead.
  •  The overtake that decided the race came on the fourth lap when Skulanov, who started from second position but slipped to fourth, took advantage of the tussle going on between Rashid Al Dhaheri (Parolin Racing Kart – Parolin – TM Racing) and Jimmy Helias (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex), who at that moment were fighting for the lead of the race.
  • Rashid Al Dhaheri tried in vain to close the gap with the Russian after getting rid of Jimmy Helias who, in the meantime, slipped in sixth position. The Emirati rider preceded on the podium Dmitry Matveev (Energy Corse – Energy – TM Racing) who was instead the author of a so-so start from the Pole Position.
  • The impressive comeback of Simone Bianco (CRG – CRG – TM Racing) ended just down the podium: the new CRG recruit made up 16 positions, after Jimmy Helias and James Egozi (Tony Kart Racing Team – Tony Kart – Vortex) ( almost) took each other out in the last corner of the last lap.
  • Jan Przyrowsky (AV Racing – Parolin – TM Racing), another protagonist of this beginning of the season, is fifth in front of the Pole man Mark Kastelic (Team Driver Racing Kart – KR – IAME) and Adam Hideg (Baby Race Driver Academy), 7th and with 8 positions recovered.
  • Enzo Tarnvanichkul (Energy Corse – Energy – TM Racing) moved up to 8th position after starting 21st and preceded Guillaume Bouzar (Parolin Racing Kart – Parolin – TM Racing) and Yuampu Cui (Gamoto – Tony Kart – TM Racing)
  • Maciej Gladysz (Parolin Racing Kart – Parolin TM Racing) is 12th while German Foteev (Energy Corse – Energy – TM Racing) is 23rd after closing the pre-final in last position also due to a penalty

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©Photo: Sportinphoto