The Italian ACI Karting Championship 2019 confirmed an excellent participation

The Italian ACI Karting Championship 2019 confirmed an excellent participation

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The Italian ACI Karting Championship 2019 edition ended with a great success, for quality and quantity of teams and drivers. This year the record of 1123 participations was reached in an Italian Championship played on 5 races with 8 categories: Castelletto di Branduzzo, Siena, Sarno, Adria and Val Vibrata. The average per test was 225 drivers, with a peak of 283 drivers in Siena, a new record from 2011 to the present.

The categories engaged in 2019 were KZ2, 60 Mini and Iame X30 in all 5 tests, while KZN and Rok took part in three alternating trials, with the exception of Sarno which saw the presence of all categories.
The 60 Mini was the category with the highest attendance, a total of 299 participations in 5 races, with an average race of 60 drivers.
The Iame X30 in 5 trials saw an excellent participation with 186 presences in the Senior and 173 in the Junior, for a total of 359 participations and an average overall race of 72 riders.
The KZ2 in 5 trials had 156 participations, with an average race of 31 drivers.
The participation in the KZN was also very good in 3 trials, with a participation of 156 presences in the Under and 97 in the Over, for a total of 253 participations and an overall average competition of 84 riders.
In the Rok, in 3 races, the participation was 19 riders in the Junior and 37 in the Senior, with an average overall race of 18 drivers.

The KZN proved to be the balance in the disputed tests, counting 106 drivers in Siena in the two categories, Senior and Over, increasing attendance on the Tuscan circuit to a total of 283, then 78 KZN in Sarno with a total of 248 riders and 69 KZN in Val Vibrata with a total of 196 pilots. However, the two tests that did not have the participation of KZN are also good. Without the KZN, there were 208 drivers in the first race in Castelletto di Branduzzo and 188 in the fourth round of Adria.

These are the holdings from 2011 to 2019:
2011 – 6 trials 5 categories: 857 participations
2012 – 5 tests 5 categories: 639 participations
2013 – 5 tests 5 categories: 826 participations
2014 – 5 tests 4 categories: 585 participations
2015 – 5 trials 4 categories: 559 participations
2016 – 5 tests 8 categories: 854 participations
2017 – 5 tests 9 categories: 1,169 participations
2018 – 8 trials 13 categories: 1,179 participations
2019 – 5 tests 8 categories: 1,123 participants

The Italian ACI Karting 2019 Champions:
KZ2: Simone Cunati (CRG-Tm-Vega).
60 Mini: William Macintyre (Parolin-Tm-Vega).
KZN Under: Roberto Cesari (Top Kart-Tm-Vega).
KZN Over: Marco Pagani (Parolin-Tm-Vega).
X30 Junior: Francesco Pulito (KR-Iame-Komet).
X30 Senior: Edoardo Ludovico Villa (TB Kart-Iame-Komet).
Rok Junior: Pietro Ragone (Tony Kart-Vortex-Bridgestone).
Rok Senior: Giorgio Molinari (Exprit-Vortex-Bridgestone).

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