The Easykart show continues in Castelletto

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So much show, twists and competitive spirit in the fifth round of the Easykart Trophy at the 7 Laghi Kart in Castelletto di Branduzzo.

With temperatures and summer weather finally on both days, our heroes gave us, as always, qualifying, exciting pre-finals and finals, challenges on the verge of the thousandths and many overtaking: the winners of the round 5 were Lewis Paper (60 Easy) , Leonardo Principalli (100 Easy), Francesco Ruga (125), Rosolino Caralla (Senior) and Erika Lavazza (BMB Challenge).

60 Easy: Lewis Paper interrupts Calabrese’s winning streak

It is Lewis Paper that wins the victory at the end of a race that gave us countless twists and turns, above all the winner Paper who interrupted the series of consecutive victories of general leader Andrea Calabrese: to cross the finish line first was Dylan Turri, but was later excluded from the ranking (as per decision No. 7 of the CC.SS.). At the end of many brawls and duels and with the penalties of Paper and Giaquinto, Rechenmacher finished in second position and Nicholas Tomasella in third. Pole position in qualifying for Calabrese, fastest lap in Tomasella’s final.

100 Easy: Leonardo Principalli dominates

Leonardo Principalli dominated the whole day with pole position, victory in the Prefinal and Final with over six seconds ahead of the rest of the group. A success however not so easy for the Swiss, thanks to the repeated warm-up laps before the start which increased the pre-start tension and the pressure of the other riders in the early stages of the race. In second place another Swiss: Leon Paper preceded for three tenths an excellent Adam Kowalski at the end of a very uncertain final. The extra point of the fastest lap has been attributed to Principalli.

125 Easy: Francesco Ruga wins again! Rosolino Caralla en-plein in Senior

Francesco Ruga won the Final victory at the end of a Sunday dominated with pole position and victory in the Prefinal. A triumph, however, sweated to the end thanks to a fantastic Mattia Moretti who made the “difficult life” up to the checkered flag: Francesco, in fact, crossed the line with just 504 thousandths of an advantage over Mattia while in third position, at just under 1 “5 from the winner, an always constant and solid Daniele Tassone. The fastest lap was set by Mattia Moretti. Rosolino Caralla was the winner in the over 40 category: another final won at the end of a very tight race against Domenico Palumbo, an excellent second, and Vincenzo Bulgarelli, third at the finish line.

BMB Challenge: victory for Erika Lavazza in pink

The category is tinged with pink, thanks to pole, victory in both the Prefinal and the Final won by Erika Lavazza, on the second step of the podium Alessandro Gnecchi at the end of a tight duel with Mattia Livraghi, third at the end of another very solid weekend . The BMB Challenge again proved to be a category with an uncertain and spectacular outcome: Erika, in fact, was the fifth different winner out of five disputed finals: will we have a different winner also in Pomposa?

Easytraining also in Castelletto

The Easytraining riders took to the track also in Castelletto with the traditional program with free practice, simulations and theoretical lessons: under the guidance of Sabino de Castro, future Easykart pilots were able to deepen the ideal trajectories of the track, accumulate experience both in the phases starting point than in race management, as well as receiving important notions such as how to keep track and the meaning of the flags.

Also in Castelletto the KZ Junior demonstration tests continued: several riders had the chance to get on track with the KZ Junior, next year’s class born and dedicated to riders from 12 to 15 years to prepare them to race in KZ and seaters. Finally, great success for the radio streaming of the Finals on Radio Rete 104 ( and listened to via the app) and for the ApEasy open to everyone on Saturday evening.

Easykart does not go (yet) on vacation: we will meet again on 3 and 4 August on the Pomposa Track for the sixth and penultimate round of the season – the last before the grand finale in Siena!

Photo by Daniele Ghinassi – Fotoghinassi Sport – To request photos: –


60 | 100 | 125 | BMB CHALLENGE


60 | 100 | 125 | 125 SENIOR | BMB CHALLENGE