On December 1st in Battipaglia the final appointment of the Italian Karting Championship for Regional Teams

The 24th edition of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams is scheduled at the Sele Circuit in Battipaglia on Sunday 1st December with the representatives and protagonists of the ACI Karting Regional Championships. Live TV from 9:15 on AutoMotoTV and Streaming.

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The Italian Championship for Regional Teams is scheduled for December 1st, on the Sele Circuit in Battipaglia, in the great kermesse that traditionally closes the karting season.

On this occasion, the 24th edition of the event and second consecutive after the recovery of 2018, the protagonists of the ACI Karting Regional Championships are expected and, as usual, also in Battipaglia the regional representatives will be on stage, in the 60 Mini, KZ2, KZN Under and KZN Over. Two drivers per category, with the exception of KZN Under and Over who can deploy 3, for a total of a maximum of 10 drivers per representative.


The race will be televised live on Sunday 1 December from 9:15 on AutoMotoTV (Sky channel channel 228), in streaming and on the Facebook page @ACIKarting of the Italian ACI karting Championship.

From the first edition of 1988 until the last disputed in 2018, the greatest number of successes belongs to Abruzzo with 6 victories, followed by Lazio with 4 victories, from Lombardy, Marche and Veneto with 3 victories, then Romagna, Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany with 1 win.

The Gold Register of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams

1988 Lazio; 1989 Romagna; 1990 Abruzzo; 1991 Abruzzo; 1992 Marche; 1993 Puglia; 1994 Veneto; 1995 Abruzzo; 1996 Lazio; 1997 not disputed; 1998 not disputed; 1999 Lazio; 2000 Lombardy; 2001 Veneto; 2002 Sicily; 2003 Lazio; 2004 Lombardy; 2005 Veneto; 2006 Abruzzo; 2007 Marche; 2008 Marche; 2009 Abruzzo; 2010 Abruzzo; 2011 Tuscany; from 2012 to 2017 not disputed; 2018 Lombardy.

This is the final 2018 ranking:

1. Lombardy points 248; 2. Veneto 218; 3. Emilia Romagna 212; 4. Sicily 206; 5. Marche 205; 6. Lazio 203; 7. Toscana 180; 8. Campania 178; 9. Puglia 172; 10, Piedmont-Valle d’Aosta 136; 11. Umbria 97; 12. Abruzzo-Molise 80; 13. Calabria 66.

The program, the Sele International Circuit, Battipaglia:

Friday 29 November: free practice from 8:00 am to 4:17 pm

Saturday 30 November: free practice from 8:00 am to 1:42 pm; official free practice from 12:35 to 13:42; official qualifying practice from 3.05pm to 3.50pm.

Sunday 1st December: warm up from 8:00 am to 8:37 am; 9:00 am presentation of participating teams; Race 1 9:50 KZ3 Under; 10:15 am KZ3 Over; 10:40 am KZ2; 11:05 am 60 Mini; Lunch break; Race 2 12:50 KZN Under; at 13:15 KZ3 Over; at 13:40 KZ2; 2.05 pm 60 Mini.

Hours 14:30 Awards.

All results on the site http://www.acisport.it/it/CIK/home