On April 5th in Triscina the opening of the Italian ACI Karting 2020 Championship

On April 5th in Triscina the opening of the Italian ACI Karting 2020 Championship

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The weekend of April 5 will mark the start of the Italian ACI Karting 2020 Championship, with the first appointment set in Sicily, on the international track of Triscina (Trapani). For the Italian Championship it is a return to the Sicilian circuit after the last time dated 2016, when the fourth and penultimate round of the Tricolor was held. Also on that occasion, as will certainly happen this year, the turnout of the particularly large and passionate audience of over 3,000 spectators and the competitiveness of the drivers, decreed an exceptional success of the event.

The categories in the race.

For the first round of the season in Triscina, the KZ2, Mini, Iame X30 Junior and Senior categories will compete, competing for the Italian Championship. But the Sicilian test will also include other outline categories that will complete the event, the Iame X30 Mini, KZN Junior, KZN Under, KZN Over, Entry Level will also drop on the track to conquer the Triscina Cup.

In March, useful meetings for the preparation.

The Sicilian organization has also scheduled a series of events that can be used by the pilots to better prepare for the event of the Italian Championship in Triscina. Collective tests are set for March 1st, the third round of the Sicilian Regional Championship will be held on March 7-8, collective tests on March 22nd, and the Triscina Cup in single stage on March 28-29. For information: Tel. +39 339 8134 333 – KartingSicilia@gmail.com.

April 5TriscinaCampionato ItalianoMini – KZ2 – Iame X30
May 10La ConcaCampionato ItalianoMini – KZ2 – OK* – OK-Junior*
June 14AdriaCampionato ItalianoMini – KZ2 – Iame X30 – ROK
July 5SarnoCampionato ItalianoMini – KZ2 – Iame X30
July 19CastellettoCampionato ItalianoMini – KZ2 – Iame X30 – ROK
August 30Val VibrataCampionato ItalianoCampionato Italiano Club*
September 6 SienaCampionato ItalianoKZ Nazionale* – Iame X30 – ROK
September 27 BattipagliaCoppa ItaliaMini – KZ2 – KZ Nazionale
October 11 UgentoCampionato ItalianoCampionato Italiano per Squadre Regionali
November 15 ViterboTrofeo NazionaleMini – KZ2 – KZ Nazionale
For the IAME and ROK Brand Trophies the categories are: X30 Junior and Senior and ROK Junior and Senior
* The categories with the asterisk are contested in a single trial


KZ2, MINIKART, MINI INTERNATIONAL, OK, OKJ. The KZ2, National Minikart and MINI International Gr.3 categories will compete in the Italian Championship in 5 stages: Triscina (April 5), La Conca (May 10), Adria (June 14), Sarno (July 5) and Castelletto (July 19) . On the occasion of the appointment in La Conca on 10 May, the OK and OK-Junior categories will also be on the track for the Italian Championship in single stage.

 CATEGORIES IAME X30. The Iame X30 Brand Trophy with the Junior and Senior categories will be present in 5 races: Triscina (April 5), Adria (June 14), Sarno (July 5), Castelletto (July 19) and Siena (September 6). In all five tests, in addition to the two Junior and Senior categories that will race for the Italian Championship title, the X30 Mini category will also be competing for the specially dedicated Iame Trophy.

 ROK CATEGORIES. The ROK Brand Trophy will be present with the Junior and Senior categories in 3 events: Adria (14 June), Castelletto (19 July) and Siena (6 September). These 3 events will be valid for the title of the Italian ACI Karting Rok Junior and Rok Senior Championship, but also for the ranking of the Rok Cup Italy. The 3 events of Adria, Castelletto and Siena will also be open to the participation of the Mini Rok, Expert, Shifter and Super with validity for their respective Rok Cup Italia rankings.

 CLUB CATEGORIES. The new Club categories will be vying for the Italian Championship title in the single round of 30 August at the Val Vibrata Kartodromo in Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (Teramo).

 REGIONAL TEAMS. Confirmed the appointment of the Italian Championship for the traditional event that concerns the Regional Teams, scheduled for 11 October 2020 for the 36th edition on the historic Salento track in Ugento (Lecce).

 ITALIAN CUP and NATIONAL TROPHY. Among the races titled ACI Karting 2020, with the Mini, KZ2 and KZN categories, the Italian ACI Karting Cup will also be played on 27 September on the Sele circuit in Battipaglia and the National ACI Karting Trophy in Viterbo on 15 November.