In Battipaglia the show of the Italian Karting Championship for Regional Teams

In Battipaglia the show of the Italian Karting Championship for Regional Teams

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The 24th edition of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams has started on the Circuit of the Sele in Battipaglia immediately proposing a good show on the track for this historic event that for the second consecutive time after a pause lasting a few years revises the comparison between the Regional representatives of the national karting.

This event has been held since 1988, which practically marks the end of the Tricolore racing season. In Battipaglia the 4 categories 60 Mini, KZ2, KZN Under and KZN Over took to the track, with 104 drivers registered and the participation of 14 regional representatives, composed above all by those who became protagonists in the various Regional Championships of the area just ended, with a maximum of 10 drivers per region. An exception is some protagonist of international value that we find especially in KZ2, where the names of Mirko Torsellini and Flavio Sani stand out for Tuscany, Alessandro Buran for Lombardy, Giorgio Amati for Emilia Romagna, Francesco Comanducci for Lazio.

From the north to the south of Italy, here are the regions represented in this event: Piedmont (coach Emanuela Massa), Lombardy (coach Paola Acerbi), Emilia Romagna (coach Giancarlo Goldoni), Tuscany and Umbria (coach Giulio Pacinotti), Marche (coach Massimo Golfetti), Lazio (coach Roberto Sardelli), Abruzzo and Molise (coach Massimo Golfetti), Campania (coach Luigi Russo), Puglia (coach Giuseppe De Carlo), Basilicata and Calabria (coach Mario Petraglia), Sicily (coach Armando Battaglia) .

Those who have had the opportunity to field the maximum allowed of 10 pilots per category, such as Calabria, Campania, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Lombardy, Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany, are more favored for the victory, but the regulation, with 8 useful results, it also brings into play those teams that do not reach the top of the 10 drivers. The success last year has conquered Lombardy, at its third laurel in the history of this competition, but among the most favored teams are also Campania, which plays at home, in addition to Tuscany and Sicily.

The qualifying practices

Meanwhile, qualifying tests took place on Saturday. These are the best chrono:

KZ2: 1. Torsellini (KR-Iame / Tuscany) 48.016; 2. Buran (BirelArt-Vortex / Lombardy) 48.058; 3. Mizzoni (Italcorse-TM / Lazio) 48.164; 4. Comanducci (Tony Kart-TM / Lazio) 48.270; 5. Colombo (VRK-TM / Lombardia) 48.418; 6. Sani (Maranello-TM / Toscana) 48.445.

KZN UNDER: 1. Massetani (TB Kart-TM / Marche) 48.786; 2. Calvanese (Gold-TM / Umbria) 48.798; 3. Ragno (CRG-TM / Lazio) 48.805; 4. Marchetti (Oberon-TM / Emilia Romagna) 48.824; 5. Pelosi (Maranello-TM / Marche) 48.859; 6. Del Vecchio (BirelArt-TM / Lazio) 48.880.

KZN OVER: 1. Costantini (Intrepid-TM / Abruzzo and Molise) 49.196; 2. Tramontana (Sodi-TM / Sicilia) 49.256; 3. Cardinal (CRG-TM / Abruzzo and Molise) 49.299; 4. Gagliardini (Sodi-TM / Marche) 49.459; 5. Spinozzi (Tony Kart-TM / Marche) 49.461; 6. Bresaola (Tony Kart-TM / Lombardia) 49.499.

60 MINI: 1. Paniccià (IPK-TM / Marche) 55.791; 2. Martinese (Parolin-TM / Puglia) 55.849; 3. Cultraro (Intrepid-TM / Sicily) 55.939; 4. Virelli (Evokart-TM / Calabria) 56.059; 5. Castellozzi (Energy-TM / Lombardia) 56.111; 6. Tizzano (Parolin-TM / Campania) 56.138.


The race will be televised live on Sunday 1 December from 9:15 on AutoMotoTV (Sky channel channel 228), in streaming and on the Facebook page @ACIKarting of the Italian ACI karting Championship.

The Hall of Fame of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams

1988 Lazio; 1989 Romagna; 1990 Abruzzo; 1991 Abruzzo; 1992 Marche; 1993 Puglia; 1994 Veneto; 1995 Abruzzo; 1996 Lazio; 1997 not disputed; 1998 not disputed; 1999 Lazio; 2000 Lombardy; 2001 Veneto; 2002 Sicily; 2003 Lazio; 2004 Lombardy; 2005 Veneto; 2006 Abruzzo; 2007 Marche; 2008 Marche; 2009 Abruzzo; 2010 Abruzzo; 2011 Tuscany; from 2012 to 2017 not disputed; 2018 Lombardy.

The program, the Sele International Circuit, Battipaglia:

Sunday 1st December: warm up from 8:00 am to 8:37 am; 9:00 am presentation of participating teams; Race 1 9:50 KZ3 Under; 10:15 am KZ3 Over; 10:40 am KZ2; 11:05 am 60 Mini; Lunch break; Race 2 12:50 KZN Under; at 13:15 KZ3 Over; at 13:40 KZ2; 2.05 pm 60 Mini.

 14:30 Awarding ceremony.

You can find all the results on the website

photos: 1) KZ2, Mirko Torsellini; 2) KZN Under, Matteo Massetani ; 3) 60 Mini, Riccardo Paniccià.

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