European OK and OK-Junior: major meeting at Ampfing

European OK and OK-Junior: major meeting at Ampfing

The third of the four Competitions of the CIK-FIA European Championship and the CIK-FIA European Junior Championship will be particularly important for the conquest of the titles. At the circuit of Ampfing (DEU) the hierarchy may take a major turn before the conclusion of the European campaign in early August in France.

The German Kart Grand Prix will therefore take on a circuit of 1063m with a sinuous layout that will require different qualities to the first two Competitions of the season, at Sarno (ITA) and PFI (GBR). Ampfing makes its return to the international calendar after twelve years of absence: in 2006, the European FA Championship victories went to Jules Bianchi and Michael Christensen at the Schweppermannring, while Marco Ardigo won the title.

So far no Driver has made their mark on the 2018 CIK-FIA European Championships. In OK as well as OK-Junior, the situation is very open with many possible winners at each race. At the same time, many favourites have had a difficult start to the season and are determined to get back on their feet. The confrontation is often fierce between the rookies and the more experienced Drivers. On the other hand, two types of strategy compete according to the positions and ambitions of each: consistency in the Championship to aim for a title, or a coup d’éclat to win a Final. The significant number of entries in each Competition guarantees both a high standard and high quality racing. Well accustomed to the specifics of the Ampfing circuit, the participants in the DKM German Championship and the national Drivers will benefit from a theoretical advantage.

OK: Hiltbrand on an rising curve

2016 World Champion Pedro Hiltbrand (ESP) has returned to peak performance after a less successful year in 2017. Determined and solid in battle, he leads the provisional classification of the CIK-FIA European Championship thanks to his 2nd place in Italy and 3rd place in England. His closest opponent is the very fast Hannes Janker (DEU), winner at PFI. In 3rd place, Roman Stanek (CZE) didn’t repeat his Italian feat in England. David Vidales Ajenjo (ESP) and Juho Valtanen (FIN) are in the top five with great consistency. Mattia Michelotto (ITA) could take over from his team-mate Lorenzo Travisanutto (ITA) who is now in a bad situation. We must expect a reaction from Harry Thompson (GBR), still capable of very good performance. Hugo Sasse (DEU), Marius Zug (DEU) and Luca Maisch (DEU) will have a great card to play on a track they know well.

OK-Junior: Mini’ at the controls

Much like Stanek in OK, Paul Aron (EST) did not confirm his performance level of Sarno in England. Dilano Van T’Hoff (NLD) won at PFI after a penalty for Victor Bernier (FRA), two drivers in the ascendancy of the CIK-FIA European Junior Championship. However Gabriele Mini’ (ITA) leads ahead of Aron thanks to a constant presence in the top three, while Kai Askey (GBR) remains in a good position. Although Kirill Smal (RUS) looks unlikely to within the title, Gabriel Bortoleto (BRA) and Dino Beganovic (SWE) remain in the race, while Thomas Ten Brinke (NLD) was a revelation in Britain.