Emilia Romagna at the Coppa delle Regioni 2019

Emilia Romagna at the Coppa delle Regioni 2019

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The Emilia-Romagna team will participate in the 2019 Regions Cup scheduled on the Battipaglia Track on Nov. 29-30, December 1, 2019.

The following are the drivers of the Emilia-Romagna area:

60 Mini
Gino Rocchio – 1st Place Regional Championship. E-R
Alessandro Antonelli

Giorgio Amati – 1st Place Regional E-R Championship
Matteo Donin

Alessio Zanotti – 1st Place Regional E-R Championship
Samuele Marchetti – 2nd Place E-R Regional Championship
Dennis Menegatti – 3rd Place E-R Regional Championship

Riccardo Rizzioli – 1st Place Regional E-R Championship
Maurizio Giberti
Marco Ceredi

COACH: Goldoni Giancarlo
VICE COACH: Marco Liboni – Anzio Landi

The Emilia-Romagna team is the result of the results of the six trials of the E-R 2018 Regional Championship held in the Pomposa Circuit – FE- – Happy Valley track -RA- – RIOVEGGIO track -BO-

EMILIA – ROMAGNA land of engines where the roar becomes music and speed …
Speed ​​that not only brings the Pilots where their heart wants, but sometimes, like an arrow, allows them to reach the objects of desire and tarnish the world of fantasy.
Honor and merit to our Heroes and all those who participated in the championship races.
To them the hope of being able to achieve that result capable of being remembered with a smile.