X30 Senior

The X30 is a concept that IAME started developing in 2005, with the launch of the X30 125cc engine on the French market. From those days to today, the X30 project has grown to reach an unimaginable size. In addition to a complete range of engines intended for series production, the X30 is now a complete racing program with over 25 countries running an X30 Challenge, both federally and privately. With a class structure that covers all ages from 8 years, 6 different models of engines in the range, two international events and several continental events, the X30 World is one of the most widespread and successful Racing concepts in the Karting scenario . Thanks to stable and solid regulations and a standard model adopted by every country that runs an X30 series, X30 World is a global project that guarantees success to all national organizers and federations.

General Information
Engine 125cc
Transmission Direct Drive
Brand IAME X30 RL TaG
Age 15
Weight 348 lbs
Fuel Fuels commonly sold at petrol stations
Oil Wladoil Racing K-sT