Deutsche Kart Meisterschaft

The German Kart Championship (DKM) is the highest German Kart racing grade and is seen as a springboard for new motorsport talent. This has proven to be true over and over again in recent years. The most famous examples are Michael Schumacher, world record in Formula 1, Michael Schumacher, Ralf Schumacher, DTM-Mercedes-Benz driver, and also the young Nico Hülkenberg, Formula 1 driver in the Sauber F1 team, Formula-1-triple-Worldchampion Sebastian Vettel and DTM-BMW-driver Timo Glock. Everyone celebrated their first big victories in the DKM. Internationality has always played a huge role: since the 1990s, the starting field has always been manned with the most extraordinary talents in the world, making the DKM one of the strongest kart racing series in the world.

Magazine dedicato al karting, fondato nel 2006, dal 2014 esce unicamente in formato digitale. Distribuito in tutto il mondo, in italiano e in inglese, con il suo sistema di comunicazione (profili social, sito internet, magazine...) è il riferimento del settore karting internazionale.